Information about ordering cannabis oil

For private persons


UK statement

We are glad to announce that within a couple of months  the Transvaal Apotheek will work with Target Healthcare to produce the cannabis oil in the UK. As health care providers we feel that it is our duty to continue the supply for this small group of patients who rely on our products. For these patients switching to other cannabis-based products can lead to serious adverse events.



Monday-Friday: 10:00 – 16:00
Phone: 070-2055637
Contact person: Natalie Chan, pharmacist



In order to provide you the cannabis oil, we need to receive a prescription of a licensed physician. You can mail the prescription to

The prescription has to contain the following information:

- Last name, initial(s), address and telephone number of the physician
- Date of prescribing
- Dosage
- Name of the variety and quantity
- Signature of the physician
- Name, gender, date of birth, address and telephone number of the patient

United Kingdom
Clinics/service providers:
MC Clinics
Structured Care LTD
MMJ Clinic Group Ltd
Sapphire Medical Clinics Ltd
Sapphire London Clinics Ltd



You will receive an invoice by mail. Please use the button below for payment after you have received an invoice.


Collecting is only possible after we receive the payment. You will receive an automatic email when your order is ready for pick-up. You may come to the pharmacy for pick-up yourself. Due to COVID19, pick-up by courier medicinal cannabis oil is temporarily allowed for Ireland and the UK. You need to arrange your own courier and import license. We only work with Fedex. Please send us the courier label in advance.

We are not allowed to post medicinal cannabis via courier for other countries than Ireland and the UK.


United Kingdom:

For the UK it is also allowed to use the following companies for pick-up:

Target Health care
Miller and Miller Chemicals
Rokshaw Laboratories
Lyphe group


Please contact the above companies for more information.

For Ireland you may contact the Irish Department of Health: